When I returned to South Africa from having lived in London for six years, I was seeking something to be involved in that would be fulfilling. So I reacquainted myself with some of the Ladies hand-making tribal dolls that I had met before initially leaving South Africa.

From that meeting a group was formed under the name of Afrika Krafts. We traded successfully for ten years at the Rosebank Sunday Market. We grew our support base over the years and had many repeat customers. Unfortunately, the market subsequently stopped trading and we have had to find another way to get our tribal dolls to market.

Our group’s name was changed six years ago, when we registered as an NPC to: Umquele we Afrika which means “Crown of Africa” – which is what we aim to be!

A love of tradition has never weakened a nation.

Winston Churchill

Currently, we are active on a business to business basis only, selling wholesale to corporates, travel agents, tour operators, gift shops and the like.

For any queries, please contact Joanne on admin@umqueleweafrika.co.za or WhatsApp on +27(0)84 585 1555